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Set of 4 Kids' Elemental Aura Sprays | Reiki + Crystal Infused

$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price

Introducing a kids' version of the original Elemental Aura sprays!   Made from distilled water energized under the full moon, pure essential oils, and crystals, each bottle is handcrafted and infused with healing Reiki and Elemental energies.

Each element helps us with a different area of our lives. Excellent for use as part of a calm-down routine, or morning/evening ritual, or as an every day spray to help balance energies. 

Water~ It smells amazing and is easy to use. The element of Water is tied to emotions and intuition. Water elementals can us help heal emotional wounds, find emotional balance, and genuinely self-reflect. Kids can use this hand crafted aura spray to help them "ride the waves" of emotion as they process what they are feeling. This spray will support them in working through those big feelings, and to calm and balance their emotions. It's a great tool to use as part of a calming down routine when emotions start running too high. There are two versions of this spray, please choose which lable you would like at checkout!
Earth ~ Smells earthy and woodsy, like a walk through an enchanted forest. The Earth element is tied to feelings of safety and security, our connection to nature, and our sense of belonging here on this planet. Kids can use this hand-crafted aura spray when they are feeling "off" or uneasy, during times of instability, and to reconnect with their true wild and free nature.
Fire ~ Smells like a crackling bonfire and is easy to use. The element of Fire is tied to motivation and creativity. This hand-crafted aura spray will support kids in flexing their creative muscles, building the confidence to chase their dreams, pushing through doubts and pursuing their passions.
Air~ Smells vibrantly fresh and is easy to use! The element of Air is tied to mental clarity and communication. Air elementals help to inspire our thinking, bring creative solutions to problems, and support positive thought patterns. Kids can use this hand-crafted essential oil blend spray to encourage positive thinking, to help alleviate "brain fog" or come back down to earth when they are feeling day-dreamy, and when they need to sit down and focus on homework.

These make great gifts for family and friends. Handmade with pure essential oils, Harmony Ritual Elemental Aura Sprays are made from distilled water energized under the full moon, pure essential oils, and crystals. Each aura spray contains 2-3 crystals inside and is infused with Reiki and Elemental energies.

Listing is for four (4) 2oz bottles of aura spray.  Swirl bottle in a clockwise motion well before each use. Spray above your head and shoulders, and take a deep breath as the mist falls down around you.

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