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Ride the Waves Elemental Aura Spray | Reiki + Crystal Infused


Introducing a kids' version of the Water Elemental aura spray!  It smells amazing and is easy to use.  The element of Water is tied to emotions and intuition.  Water elementals can us help heal emotional wounds, find emotional balance, and genuinely self-reflect. Kids can use this hand crafted aura spray to help them "ride the waves" of emotion as they process what they are feeling. This spray will support them in working through those big feelings, and to calm and balance their emotions.  It's a great tool to use as part of a calming down routine when emotions start running too high.  Spray it around the body as an aura spray or around the house to clear and raise the energetic vibration of the space. 

These make great gifts for family and friends. Handmade with pure essential oils, Harmony Ritual Elemental Aura Sprays are made from distilled water energized under the full moon, pure essential oils, and crystals. Each aura spray contains 2-3 crystals inside and is infused with Reiki and Elemental energies.

Listing is for one (1) 2oz bottle of aura spray.  Swirl bottle in a clockwise motion well before each use. Spray above your head and shoulders, and take a deep breath as the mist falls down around you.

Please note that this is the same spray as the Mermaid Mist, just with a more gender neutral label.

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