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December Cold Moon Aura Spray | Reiki + Crystal Infused


This limited edition aura spray is infused with the energies of the full moon in December, also known as the Cold Moon. The Cold Moon is all about self-awareness, reigniting your zest for life, and strengthening your sense of belonging. Got a case of the "blah's"? Feeling like every day is the same and there is a lack of excitement in your life? This aura spray will help you find your way back to your true passions, and encourage you to take action. It supports:

-Clarity on your values and strengths
-A sense of renewal and revitalization
-A sense of home, attachment and belonging
-Connection with your deepest desires
-Courage to take risks and be passionately involved in your life

This all natural aura spray brings balance and harmony to your life, supporting your goals and manifestations. Use each morning as part of your getting ready routine, prior to meditation and journaling, or any time you feel called to use it. Spray around your house to clear and raise the energetic vibration of the space and create alignment between you and your environment.

Handmade with pure essential oils, Harmony Ritual Elemental Aura Sprays are made from distilled water energized under the full moon, pure essential oils, and crystals. Each aura spray contains 2-3 crystals inside and is infused with Reiki and Elemental energies.

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