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April Pink Moon Aura Spray | Reiki + Crystal Infused


Reiki + Crystal Infused Aura Spray

The Pink Moon’s energy is all about growth, renewal, and change. We are officially entering springtime, where the energetic focus is on the rebirth and revitalization of all living things. The spring flowers blooming all around us signify the start of a new cycle in life. This aura spray help you to grow, expand, and thrive in this new season. With this new season comes new beginnings and new opportunities, and we are led to let go of our past baggage and focus on energy on a fresh start.  This handcrafted aura spray will help you:

  • Harness all the extra energy and focus on specific goals and projects.  Now is a great time to learn a new skills or to take on creative projects and hobbies.
  • Take actionable steps towards big goals and dreams
  • Experience joy and creativity as you work towards your goals
  • Help you adapt to fast moving changes and maintain confidence in your ability to thrive

This all natural aura spray will help you to take in the slowness of the season, and encourage you to nurture you mind, body and spirit. It will support you in releasing old patterns that may be holding you back, and cultivating self-love.  Spray above your head, and breathe deeply as the mist falls down around your shoulders. Use each morning as part of your getting ready routine, prior to meditation and journaling, or any time you feel called to use it. Spray in the air around your home to clear and raise the energetic vibration of the space.

Handmade with pure essential oils, Harmony Ritual Elemental Aura Sprays are made from distilled water energized under the full moon, pure essential oils, and crystals. Each aura spray contains 2-3 crystals inside and is infused with Reiki and Elemental energies.

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