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Hi there. I'm Brittany, thanks for stopping by! I'm a Reiki Master, certified Elemental Healing™ practitioner, and gluten-free transition coach living in San Diego, Ca


Energy Healing

My goal is to demystify energy healing and connect people from all walks of life to this beautiful and healing medicine. You don't have to practice yoga or wear long flowing skirts and beads to experience energy healing- it's for everyone! The concept is really not as "out there" as it may seem. Energy is all around us, and you are interacting with your own energy and other people's energy every day, whether you realize it or not. Everyone can benefit from this gentle and effective therapy. If you're looking for a down-to-earth practitioner that can talk with you about energy healing in regular terms you can understand, I'm your girl.


I was lead to energy healing through a series of strange events, "coincidences", and undeniable signs. The universe kept nudging me towards this path, and it wasn't taking no for an answer! Through years of mentorships, internships, and training courses with experts and practitioners in various specialities, I have developed my own unique blend of offerings for my clients. I have seen first hand the positive impact energy healing has on people's lives, and I continue to explore all the wonderful ways in which energy healing can support self-care in my own life and the life of my clients.

Gluten Free Coaching

My husband was diagnosed with Celiac over 10 years ago. When we transitioned to a gluten-free diet it was a difficult and overwhelming process. We had more than one incident where he accidentally got "glutened", including right before our wedding!  Through trial and error and years of experience, I have developed some proven strategies to successfully navigate the gluten-free lifestyle. I love helping individuals and families make a more seamless transition to the gluten-free diet, reducing stress and confusion by providing straightforward, crucial information about gluten-free food and cross contamination.


My focus is not only on your change in diet; we will also work together to address your physical + emotional healing, as well as the family and social dynamics that come into play with a restricted diet and lifestyle change.

Energy healing can be an effective tool in the healing of your body as you recover and transition to your new gluten-free diet. Energy healing can also help ease the emotional distress of this transition. For clients who are interested, I use Reiki and other forms of energy healing as supplemental support throughout your journey

what people are saying

what people are saying...

"Brittany is an amazing Reiki Master. The insight and healing I receive each time is incredible and helpful--and we had to do it virtually because of Covid. Even virtually, the connection she has to the healing energy in this world is palpable. Her insight gave me words to some feelings and ideas I didn't realize were there. Brittany has a very special gift for visions and she uses all the resources at her disposal to foster healing. I can't wait for my next Reiki session!"

-Maman L.

“I was very impressed with the session itself but even more stunned at the way I felt days after. I had a noticeable increase in my overall energy level and I am feeling the calmest and most relaxed that I've felt in months. I was so pleased with this experience and will definitely be going back.”

-Melissa H

"I did a remote Energy Healing session with Brittany. Although I have done energy healing in the past, I have never done a remote session. I was a little nervous about how a remote session would go but, Brittany was very knowledgeable, professional and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. I was truly gobsmacked by some of the things that were revealed during the session. It was amazingly beneficial and I felt great afterwards. I will absolutely be doing another session."

-Jenny A.

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